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chance's pictures: god's pictures
illustrated art and philosophy book
Color printing on glossy paper.
Title: Imagens do Acaso: Imagens de Deus | Chance's Pictures: God's Pictures
Authors: Jefferson de Mello & Karin Schwarz
Year: 2006
ISBN: 85-906046-2-4 / 978-85-906046-2-4 
Edition: 1º Edition / Limited - Bilingual (port-br./eng.)
Dimensions: 21x21cm - 102 pages
[ Story and Texts by Jefferson de Mello; Photos and Illustrations by Karin Schwarz, english version by Fabiana Muliterno ]
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Imagens do Acaso: Imagens de Deus ----- [ livro de arte e filosofia ]


"Chance's Pictures: God's Pictures", shows through texts and images, that our concepts, very often can be false and that what we see may not be real.

With captivating illustrations and photos of the internationally known iconoclast Karin Schwarz and texts of the controversial thinker Jefferson de Mello, this book takes the reader to a deep and pleasant reflection on who we are and why we are here.

We can not see the truth if the only truth we see is our own. Read the story, appreciate the images and imagine!"


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